Ado Bayero Mall Introduces New Anchor Tenant, Ni9ne Global Enterprise

The management of Ado Bayero Mall in Kano has revealed the addition of a new anchor tenant, Ni9ne Global Enterprise, operating as “NI9NE.” Covering an extensive area of 5,000 square meters, Ni9ne will specialize in household electronics, kitchenware, computers, furniture, do-it-yourself tools/equipment, packaged foods, and a comprehensive range of white goods.

The introduction of Ni9ne Global follows the departure of the former anchor tenant, Shoprite, from the Mall and the city of Kano. The Mall’s management had previously disclosed ongoing negotiations with new retail chains to fill the vacant space left by the departing tenant after Shoprite’s exit.

Ni9ne Global Enterprise, a division of the Sunbelt Wax Group collaborating with Nigerian partners, marks the realization of these negotiations. The enterprise operates across diverse sectors, including manufacturing, retail, logistics, and hospitality businesses.

Ni9ne Global is rapidly establishing a robust presence in the Kano market with its unique “Factory to Customers” business model, providing quality products at competitive prices directly to consumers. Supported by the Sunbelt Wax Group, a multinational corporation currently active in China, Nigeria, and Uganda, Ni9ne is set to bring a fresh retail experience to the people of Kano.

Earlier reports from LEADERSHIP had highlighted the regret expressed by Ado Bayero Mall management regarding Shoprite’s decision to cease operations in Kano from January 2024. Ike Okeke, the Mall’s director, emphasized the challenging economic conditions in the country as the reason behind Shoprite’s decision. Despite this, Okeke assured patrons and the people of Kano that ongoing negotiations with new major retail chains were in progress to occupy the vacant space.

He reiterated the Mall’s unwavering commitment to providing an unmatched shopping experience for residents of Kano.

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