Airline Pilot Dies Mid-Flight on U.S. to Chile Route

Tragedy struck a Miami to Santiago flight operated by LATAM Airlines as Captain Ivan Andaur, a seasoned pilot with 25 years of experience, passed away while in the air. The flight, carrying 271 passengers, was diverted after Andaur collapsed in the bathroom and received emergency medical treatment from the crew.

The distressing incident occurred approximately three hours into the flight, which was operated by a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The LA505 flight, en route from Florida to Santiago, was already underway when Captain Andaur began to feel unwell.

Efforts to save his life were valiantly undertaken by the onboard crew and medical professionals among the passengers. A registered nurse, identified as Isadora on social media, joined forces with two doctors and another nurse to perform emergency resuscitation on the pilot after he showed symptoms indicative of cardiac arrest.

Despite their dedicated efforts, the situation necessitated a swift diversion. The flight was rerouted to Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport, where first responders were standing by. Tragically, Captain Andaur could not be revived, and he was pronounced dead upon landing.

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