APM Terminals Nigeria CEO Highlights Technology’s Role in Enhancing Port Efficiency at Nigerian Ports Forum

Frederik Klinke, the Chief Executive Officer of APM Terminals Nigeria, emphasized the pivotal role of technology in streamlining port operations and enhancing efficiency.

Speaking during the Nigerian Ports and Trade Investment Forum 2023 held in Lagos, Klinke stressed that technology could significantly boost port capacity and efficiency. He noted that technology facilitates collaboration between government agencies and the private sector, fostering joint solutions to the challenges affecting the country’s supply chain.

Klinke highlighted that APM Terminals has already implemented software solutions that enable customers to interact with their staff online, reducing the need for physical interactions at the port.

“We are globally rolling out customer-centric solutions at APM Terminals, which bridge the gap between operations in Nigeria and other ports. Our next step is to facilitate connectivity between our systems, Customs, other government agencies, and customers, granting them visibility of containers before they enter the country,” Klinke explained.

In a session focusing on “Investments in Maritime Technology for Efficient Service Delivery at Nigerian Ports,” Courage Obadagbonyi, the Chief Financial Officer of APM Terminals Nigeria, advocated for synergy among government agencies operating at the port. He emphasized that such collaboration would enhance service delivery to port users and bolster the overall supply chain.

Ismaila Badjie, the Commercial Manager of APM Terminals West Africa Container Terminal (WACT), highlighted Nigeria’s status as an African powerhouse with substantial growth prospects. He attributed APM Terminals’ success as a leading container terminal operator to its customer-centric approach.

Badjie pointed out that APM Terminals has invested in innovative solutions such as a Truck Appointment System and TERMView, enabling customers to manage appointments, raise invoices, make payments, book container examinations, and access receipts from the convenience of their offices or homes, eliminating the need for physical visits to the port.

“We are dedicated to simplifying processes for our customers, and the way forward involves collaborative efforts to make a positive impact on customer satisfaction,” he concluded.

APM Terminals Nigeria oversees the operations of APM Terminals Apapa, West Africa Container Terminal (WACT) Onne, and APM Terminals Kano.

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