DSS Operatives Storm National Assembly, Manhandle Two Workers

Abuja, May 18, 2024 — In a shocking incident at the National Assembly Complex, Abuja, operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS) were involved in a violent altercation, manhandling two senior staff members. The victims, John Nnadi of the Senate Committee on Petroleum (Downstream) and Chris Odoh, a Deputy Director, were accosted by DSS personnel for failing to present their identification cards. The situation escalated as both men attempted to force their way into the White House complex, leading to a physical confrontation.

Witnesses reported that the DSS agents dragged Nnadi and Odoh to their office, sparking outrage among National Assembly staff. The incident attracted the attention of staff members from various offices within the complex, including the mace bearer of the Senate, who demanded the immediate release of their colleagues.

The Divisional Police Officer at the National Assembly, Alex Annagu, and the Deputy Clerk to the Senate, Mrs. Ilobah Isabella, intervened to restore order, urging everyone to return to their duties.

This incident underscores growing concerns over the conduct of security personnel within the nation’s legislative complex. Calls for a thorough investigation and accountability for the actions of the DSS operatives involved have intensified.

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