Former Aviation Minister, Hadi Sirika, Interrogated by DSS Over Controversial “Nigeria Air” Launch

Hadi Sirika, the former Aviation Minister, has reportedly come under the scrutiny of the Department of State Services (DSS) following the controversial “launch” of Nigeria Air, which has been widely criticized as a scam.

Sirika was seen arriving at the DSS headquarters in Abuja for questioning, using a Range Rover SUV. During the questioning, which lasted for several hours, DSS officials sought clarification from him.

The investigation was triggered after the acting managing director of Nigeria Air, Captain Dapo Olumide, disclosed to the Senate Committee on Aviation that the aircraft unveiled as Nigeria Air was, in fact, a chartered plane from Ethiopian Airlines. He clarified that the aircraft had been used solely for the unveiling of the Nigeria Air logo and was not yet operational for commercial flights.

The so-called “launch” of Nigeria Air received significant criticism, as it was revealed that the aircraft presented during the event was more than a decade old and had previously been in service with Ethiopian Airlines and Malawi Airlines. This raised doubts and concerns among the public about the legitimacy of the venture.

The situation has raised questions about the transparency and authenticity of the Nigeria Air project, leading to further investigations by the authorities to ascertain the facts behind the controversial event.

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