Government Digital Services Under Threat as NITDA Detects Hacking Activities

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has issued a warning concerning potential hacking activities targeting government digital services. The agency’s Computer Emergency Readiness and Response Team discovered these malicious activities and promptly alerted the public to the potential threat.

The media advisory, released on Wednesday, was issued by Mrs. Hadiza Umar, NITDA’s Head of Corporate Affairs and External Relations. The agency is closely monitoring the situation and taking necessary measures to safeguard government digital infrastructure and services from cyber threats.

The statement read in part, “The National Information Technology Development Agency, through its Computer Emergency Readiness and Response Team has detected activities of a hacktivist group targeting our vital digital infrastructure.

“The hacktivist group, known for its politically and religiously motivated cyber campaigns, poses a significant risk to our critical information infrastructure. Their tactics include targeted attacks on government digital services, using various attack types, particularly DDoS attacks, and they have a track record of successful attacks in various countries.”

NITDA alerts the public to be wary of the occurrence of these attacks, which underscores the fact that cyber-attacks are not a distant threat.

It added, “This realisation compels us to recognise the urgency of reinforcing our cyber front, fortifying our digital defences to shield against these malicious intrusions and secure the safety of our critical information and infrastructure.”

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