Huawei Advocates Collaborative Efforts for Comprehensive Network-wide Cybersecurity

Huawei, a leading global Information and Communication Technology infrastructure provider, has called for collaboration among stakeholders in the cybersecurity field to mitigate potential network security risks.

Osita Nweze, the Head of Cybersecurity at Huawei Nigeria, emphasized the need for government cooperation with industry stakeholders to establish unified security standards, ensuring that all network-based equipment and services maintain the highest level of security. Nweze highlighted the significance of leveraging the six network security centers established by Huawei globally, urging other stakeholders to join forces in managing potential security risks.

Nweze explained that Huawei actively evaluates its products through the independent Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) in the UK, where the UK government offers insights and recommendations for enhancements. Additionally, Huawei is the sole telecom company open to source code reviews, demonstrating a commitment to transparency. In Germany and Canada, Huawei has implemented collaborative mechanisms for evaluation and certification to address any identified issues and enhance product security.

He further noted that 5G security standards feature robust encryption algorithms and flexible certification mechanisms compared to previous wireless technology generations. The Common Criteria (CC) certification, widely recognized worldwide, plays a crucial role in setting security standards for IT products, with governments and enterprises jointly participating in its development.

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