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What is the Digital Economy? The digital economy refers to the global network of economic activities, commercial transactions, and professional interactions facilitated by information and communications technologies (ICT). In essence, it encompasses all economic activities driven by digital technologies.

Why is the Digital Economy Important? The digital economy plays a crucial role as it presents opportunities for organizations and individuals to utilize technology to perform tasks more efficiently and quickly, often in novel ways not possible before. It empowers businesses and individuals to innovate, excel, and engage in activities that were previously unimaginable. Many entrepreneurs have capitalized on digital technologies to create new companies and business models that were previously non-existent, such as ride-sharing platforms like Uber, Bolt, and Lyft, and content-on-demand services like Netflix and Spotify.

About #IDCL2023 How to be Consistent in Business in a Digital Economy This year’s event features successful Nigerians who have excelled in various business endeavors and are eager to share their experiences. The free seminar aims to give back to society, particularly to youths seeking information on starting their own businesses or understanding Nigeria’s 21st-century economy. The target audience comprises individuals aged 18 to 35, but the event is open to the general public.

Over 300 people have already registered for the seminar, which is scheduled to take place in Abuja on August 4th. Distinguished figures such as Obi Iyiegbu (Obi Cubana), Dr. Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu (known as the Millennium Entrepreneur), Victor Prince Dickson (an expert in instructional innovation and founder of Skillcomvalley), Ifiokobong Ating (specializing in advertising dynamics), and Deno Vour Bon will be among the prominent Nigerians participating.

The seminar holds significant importance for the country, especially the youth, as it has the potential to impact Nigeria’s future. The recent GDP report by the National Bureau of Statistics reveals that the ICT sector contributed 18.44% to Nigeria’s GDP in the second quarter of 2022, indicating substantial growth in the sector.

About Indulgence Digital Concept (IDCL) IDCL is a rapidly growing advertising agency in Nigeria, renowned for its innovative approach to advertising. The company specializes in digital marketing, traditional advertising, brand activation, and business consultancy, providing comprehensive support to businesses in today’s market, including a strong social media presence.

Oluwakemi Olorode, a business expert, communicator, entrepreneur, business consultant, and child rights activist, leads IDCL. Hailing from Isundurin, Ejigbo local government in Osun state, Southwest Nigeria, Oluwakemi is known for her marketing expertise in media and business growth development. Before founding IDCL, she worked with various organizations, including the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), Helwelt System Limited, Tech Republic, Pyrich Group, and Hot FM Nigeria.

Oluwakemi is a respected speaker on topics related to business, career development, entrepreneurship, youth, and women affairs. Additionally, she has volunteered for the United Nations, ECOWAS, Beyond the Classroom Foundation, and other non-governmental organizations.

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