K. N. Peter Aims for Guinness World Record as World’s Youngest Screenwriter

In an ambitious pursuit of a Guinness World Record, K. N. Peter, also known as Kalu Ndem Peter, is gearing up to make history as the “World’s Youngest Screenwriter.” The Guinness World Record attempt is scheduled for March 30th, 2024, and Peter has provided insight into the rigorous criteria and regulations set by Guinness World Records (GWR) for this groundbreaking endeavor.

According to Peter, holding a Guinness World Record involves three approaches: attempting to hold a record, breaking a record, or verifying a record. In his case, he is aiming to hold the record as the youngest screenwriter globally, and GWR has outlined specific criteria and guidelines for him to meet.

To successfully secure the record, Peter must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Prove his status as a professional screenwriter, having been paid for his craft.
  2. Submit a birth certificate or age declaration as of the date of the record attempt.
  3. Provide a certificate or approval from the censor board as evidence that one of his movies has been publicly released.
  4. Have at least one movie with a runtime not less than 75 minutes on screen. Short films or those under 1hr:15 mins are disqualified.
  5. Have movies credited to his name as the original writer (not co-written).
  6. Obtain two official attestations from recognized industry or movie experts in Nigeria or the participant’s home country.
  7. Present a specific script written and edited by Peter, dated in line with the record attempt date.
  8. Possess a membership certificate of the Screenwriters Guild of Nigeria (SWGN) or the relevant guild in the participant’s country.

On the day of the event, Peter will submit all necessary evidence to the Guinness World Records portal. Additionally, some of his movies will be publicly screened, and producers who have worked on his films will contribute to the submission of these works.

Importantly, Guinness World Records states that the age of the aspiring record holder is irrelevant, as long as there is no existing record holder. The key factor is the age of the current record holder, and according to GWR’s website, there is currently no one holding the record for the youngest screenwriter.

Peter’s status on the Guinness World Records website reads “PENDING EVIDENCE” until after the event on March 30th, 2024. He urges Nigerians and Africans to understand the significance of this endeavor and rally support for his Guinness World Record attempt.

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