Lagos’ Drive Against Faded Number Plates Sparks Outcry Amongst Drivers

Lagos state government’s recent clampdown on motorists driving vehicles with faded number plates has triggered controversy and condemnation from affected drivers. The government’s action followed its declaration that driving vehicles with faded number plates is illegal and subject to punishment.

Motorists are criticizing the government for targeting vehicles with faded number plates, arguing that the problem stems from substandard production. They are urging Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and the House of Assembly to investigate the Lagos State Motor Vehicle Administration Authority and the Lagos State Number Plate Production Authority for delivering subpar products to the public.

Many motorists point out that the prevalence of faded number plates across the state suggests government agencies may be connected to the issue. They are demanding that the government assess the quality control measures in place for number plate production and procurement. Motorists argue that they should not bear the responsibility for poorly produced number plates that fade over time.

Throughout the state, Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) and the police have intensified their checks on vehicle documents, especially targeting private vehicle owners with faded number plates. These checks often result in fines or extortion from motorists, coupled with orders to replace the faded number plates at the cost of new ones.

The state government, in a statement issued on August 27, placed blame on motorists for the rapid fading of number plates. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transportation, Abdulhafiz Toriola, advised motorists to change the liquid soap used to wash their vehicles. Toriola emphasized that covering number plates without authorization, using faded or damaged number plates, or not using number plates altogether violates the law, especially given the current security challenges facing the nation.

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