Lagos State Police Apprehends Robbery Suspect Who Stole Employer’s Vehicle on First Day

The Lagos State Police Command has apprehended 36-year-old robbery suspect Amos Daniel, who stole his employer’s vehicle on the same day he was hired as a driver. Daniel confessed to taking the car to his church to give a testimony of what he claimed to be God’s miraculous provision.

In a related case, the police also paraded two dismissed soldiers, Akeem Suleiman and Abdulau Mohammed, along with two civilian accomplices, who were involved in a robbery gang. The gang allegedly carried out their operations wearing military headgear. The police recovered military gear, uniforms, and identity cards from the dismissed soldiers.

Another suspect, 25-year-old Thankgod Kesh-David, was also paraded. Kesh-David posed as a roadside mechanic to repair broken-down vehicles, only to disappear with them.

Briefing journalists at the Command Headquarters in Ikeja on Tuesday, the command spokesman, SP Benjamin Hudenyin, said, “We have successfully arrested a robbery gang through our tactical team based in Surulere. The four-man gang specialized in snatching vehicles at gunpoint from motorists in Lagos. They have been operating for quite a long time. Two of them are dismissed soldiers, one was dismissed in 2014 and the other in 2017. They carried out their crime wearing full military gear.”

Hudenyin further detailed the arrest of the driver, Daniel, who was hired without proper background checks. “The same day he resumed as a driver, he ran away with the car and could not be traced. Interestingly, he dedicated the car in church the following Sunday, testifying of what God had done to him.”

Speaking with journalists, the arrested driver, Daniel, said, “I stole my madam’s Lexus car and took it to the church to testify that God has blessed me. I intended to use it for Uber and use the proceeds to pay my debt. I stole the car on June 23, 2024, the very first day I was employed, and I took it to church on June 30, 2024.”

One of the dismissed soldiers, Akeem Suleiman, who claimed he was dismissed from the Nigerian Army in 2017 for desertion, told journalists, “I started robbery in April 2024. Anytime we steal a car, I drive it to the receiver’s place. We steal cars randomly. If we see anyone parked and wound down, we drag them out and zoom off in the car. We operate in the Ajah area of Lagos, with a local gun. But we never killed our victims.”

The Command’s spokesman advised employers to exercise due diligence when hiring drivers or domestic staff and to conduct background checks at the Central Criminal Registry at the Force Criminal Investigation Department, Alagbon, and the forensic unit before employment.

The suspects will be charged in court for their crimes, Hudenyin added, underscoring the importance of thorough vetting processes to prevent such incidents.

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