Mastering the Art of Multifaceted Creativity: Meet Joy Essien Mfon, The Extraordinary YouTuber, Soap Maker, Yoghurt Business Owner, Writer, and TV Presente

In a world where pursuing a single passion is the norm, Joy Essien Mfon breaks the mold as a true multi-talented dynamo. From captivating audiences on YouTube to crafting exquisite soaps, running a successful yoghurt business, writing compelling pieces, and gracing television screens, Joy effortlessly juggles diverse roles with flair and finesse. Join us as we delve into her journey, unveiling the secrets to her success and the creative strategies that set her apart.

Can you tell us about your journey from being a YouTuber to running a successful soap-making business?

As a YouTuber, you also watch a lot of YouTube content. So I stumbled on these soap making videos that talked about homemade/handmade soaps. I discovered there were different types of soaps and also these kinds weren’t quite known in Nigeria since the commercial melt and pour were everywhere in shops and then the local black soaps were there too. So these soaps are quite luxury as they’re made from high quality ingredients and they are called cold process soaps. I joined Facebook groups, watched plenty videos but still couldn’t get their formulas or recipes. I basically didn’t know where to start from. I mentioned to a neighbor who mentioned a lady who makes them. I got her number, sent her a message, paid for lessons and learnes. As a business woman, starting the business on my wall on Facebook wasn’t difficult at all.

How do you manage to balance your roles as a YouTuber, soap maker, yogurt business owner, writer, and TV presenter?

My schedule can be crazy to manage if I don’t balance it well and so I’m careful not to take too much at a time. YouTube has slowed down a bit cos a soon to be launched TV station liked my content and would be airing it. So I’ve kind of slowed down on YouTube and have been creating content for television. Somehow as an independent producer, I’m able to choose how I work. I have a team so I don’t worry so much about production stuff as much. This way, I can focus on just 3 things: getting deals, my script and delivery.

For soaps, I can use like 1 or 2 weeks to produce stock for the next few months. So I don’t make soap everyday. Christmas is my peak period in sales. A lot of hamper vendors for organisations buy that period so October is a high production month for me to be able to make mad sales in December. Other times in the year, demand dictates my production pace.

For television, there was this recorded show. We scheduled in a way, I could show up once and then record 3-4 episodes so my work the month is done till the next month.

For yoghurt, I decided my kitchen should earn me some money. It’s nice, neat and big and it costs me nothing. I have a rider who handles my deliveries. So, it’s easy.

What inspired you to venture into such diverse fields?

Well, not diverse enough. You don’t know about my music side yet. Or my writing side. I am a columnist for The Lagos Metropolitan.

The inspiration is in the parable of the talents. He gave some 1. Some got 3. Others got 5. I think Joy got 10 talents. Thing is, you can do anything you set your heart to do. And I realise the more you explore, the more you’ll discover. For example, you have an idea to write a book. You write it and people buy, from there you can easily become a speaker as you’ll get invitations to come talk about your book. And from there, you can get an amazing offer for something even bigger. All this from just writing a book. From that story on the Bible, you’ll see the part where someone invested his talent and it multiplied.
There was a time all I wanted to be was a face on television. Then marriage happened and then came motherhood and you know it has a way of making us need more money. Along the way, a veteran journalist told me I was a damn good writer, based on content I put up online. So I started being more intentional about writing. I wrote 2 ebooks. And then recently I got a column to write weekly. The more you use these things, the more they increase. I’m looking at writing scripts for movies in the nearest future and maybe classical music too.

How do you find time for content creation while running multiple businesses and pursuing other creative endeavors?

Content creation is perhaps the one thing I do with ease. And I do it on the go. Anywhere the thought hits me, I attend to it. They come as thoughts. Sometimes, from something I read. Now to have a rich mind that creates and never lacking in content, you must feed your mind with books. I read a lot. Probably more than I write. My mind is always occupied.

What challenges have you faced while juggling these various roles, and how have you overcome them?

Being home with the kids was my biggest challenge. There were times I’d go out and come home late at night. I had to learn to build the business around them. If you noticed, I’m in control of how everything works now. I’m in charge of my time and my schedules. I also made me-time necessary. A certain time of the day devoted to just sitting down quietly to think.

How do you find time for content creation while running multiple businesses and pursuing other creative endeavors?

I actually separate them because the aim of writing, business branding and content creation are different. What I want to achieve as a writer is much different from what I want to achieve with content creation and business branding. Writing is more selfish. It’s about your thoughts, your experience or information you want to share.
Business branding is about what I want you to think or know or understand about my business. Content creation, the end game is money. It’s about sales. If I have to connect them together, I’d say writing helps me pass the message along very easily, whatever it is I hope to achieve.

Can you share some strategies you’ve used to effectively market your products and content across different platforms?

For strategy, I try to be different. What makes my yoghurt different? All the store bought, about 95% are sold in bottles. Why? They’re watery. Mine come in bowls. Why? Thickness. I sell normal plain yoghurt that is as thick as Greek yogurt. That’s my strategy. Who out there will give you complimentary granola for yoghurt you buy? That’s right. Me. That’s my strategy. My strategy is basically standing out and doing different. I must add that my granola is unique. There’s none out there that taste like it and so it’s a sales booster. For the soaps, it all borders on creativity. My soaps look yummy. Talk about soaps that look like cakes, fruits and chocolates..etc They make for fantastic gifts, souvenirs and something anyone would love to pamper themselves with. They’re organic and suitable for all skin types.The business is still growing and I’m going to niche it in a bit. I have a market I’m targeting.

How has your experience as a writer influenced your approach to content creation and business branding?

As a YouTuber, people come away from my channel feeling inspired. I have a show there that interviews entrepreneurs and other personalities. The stories shared there empowers, inspires and encourages. As a business woman, I make money while meeting needs. As a writer, the freedom to share what I know and also express myself via my thoughts, knowledge and experience. As a TV presenter, it’s about learning for me. You meet people, know what they do and see the world from their own lens.

How do you stay innovative and keep your content and products fresh in such dynamic industries?

To remain innovative in a fast paced and dynamic world, you must never stop learning and exploring. I’m an inquisitive person. I always want to know more and also what’s new. Learning is key.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to manage multiple creative businesses like you do?

My advice to that person who can do many things is this: You can’t do it all. Learn to outsource and delegate where necessary. And create a balance where you can still get things done without certain aspects suffering.
Also, you can’t and won’t do everything at the same time. Some businesses have seasons. I have the one that brings me money daily. I have another that brings me money per quota. Just go with the flow and adjust to it. Don’t kill yourself.

And then Consistency. Showing up daily takes a lot of discipline. Show up when you don’t feel like. Sometimes, when it’s not convenient too. Because, people are watching.

How do you maintain authenticity across your various roles and platforms?

Maintaining authenticity across various roles and platforms is equivalent to knowing what each platform is for. I have 2 channels on IG. One is personal. The other is strictly for my videos. The videos page serves as a catalog of what I do. So whenever I’m closing a deal with clients I hope to feature, I direct them there to see my works. Same with TikTok. Facebook is more of a family gathering. I’ve built relationship there over time. Soaps and yoghurt works well there. I have no intentions of being on all the platforms. It would be too much and one has to have a life outside of social media. Depending on what you want to see, there are different functions for each.

Can you elaborate on the role of storytelling in your content and product branding?

The role of storytelling centres around myself. You know no one really just buys what you sell. They buy you first. So I sell myself. Over time, I have learned to sell without saying come and buy. I sell my thoughts, mindset. Share my experiences. Share my knowledge. I think I have this girl next door persona that everyone can easily identify with. That’s the story I tell. Add wit and humor and people come away from my timeline feeling like they know me enough to trust me with their money.

What strategies have you found effective for building a loyal audience both on YouTube and in your business ventures?

Strategies that build loyalty is business has to be honesty and integrity, especially online where there’s so many touchy stories of business gone wrong. You get what I say you’ll get and nothing less. When there’s a fault with products, maybe due to handling by logistics, I try to make it up the next time. In cases where refunds are necessary, which rarely happens, I do refunds.
Also, there’s quality too. I have come to be associated with quality. My brand name is Millionaire Woman. When people say Millionaire Woman compliant, it means it ticks all the boxes.

How do you stay informed about the latest trends and developments in your industries?

I do not try to keep up with the latest or what’s trending. I think it’s a fast way to lose focus and get distracted. I’m in competition with myself. Anything that’s not on my vision board is not my business. That’s the only way to be different. Not focusing on what everyone is focusing on.

Can you describe a typical day in your life, considering your responsibilities in each of your roles?

My typical day is unpredictable. I can just get a nudge to start making yoghurt with no pending order on ground and it’s sold off the next day. Another day, I could just decide to drive round town to discover new joints to feature on my show. And another, may be the whole day cooking. Then there are days, I just want to be left to my thoughts or just read a book. It’s obvious, I have no typical day.

What future goals do you have for your soap-making business, yogurt business, and creative endeavors?

I’d like to keep future goals close to my heart and not spill. Only a fool says all that’s in his heart. I’d rather surprise you. But I’ll say this one thing. Future will definitely look nothing like the present.

Lastly, what message or inspiration do you hope to convey to your followers and customers through your diverse ventures?

Message to followers, customers and everyone is what I’ve been preaching recently. It’s never too late for anything. Never too late to pursue your dreams. Never too late lose that weight. Never too late to get that degree. Never too late to write that book. Never too late to start that business. Never too late to learn that skill. Never too late to love.
When you see or think about me, you’ll see that woman who is doing everything in her heart she wants to do.

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