Minerals and Miners Centre (MMC) Urges Modernization for Artisanal Miners in Nigeria

The Minerals and Miners Centre (MMC) in Nigeria is calling upon artisanal and small-scale miners in Nigeria and across Africa to transition from traditional methods to modern operations in order to align with global trends in the industry.

Dr. Comfort Asokoro-Ogaji, the Country Director of MMC, emphasized the importance of abandoning analogue practices and embracing contemporary approaches during a recent interview with journalists. Dr. Asokoro-Ogaji, who led the Nigerian team to an MMC event in London, urged collaboration among artisanal and small-scale miners, emphasizing the need for mutual support.

While challenging private sector players in Nigeria to adopt a global mindset for sectoral growth, she stressed the necessity for miners to integrate global solutions to optimize processes and reduce analogue approaches. Dr. Asokoro-Ogaji highlighted the importance of following industry trends to gain relevance in the global market, ensuring that miners move beyond local operations.

She stated, “The way forward for artisanal and small-scale miners in Africa is to look inwards and draw strength from each other and make progress as home-grown companies.” She expressed appreciation for foreign investors but emphasized MMC’s mission to assist local miners in advancing their approach to compete on the global stage.

The MMC is actively engaging with global solution providers in the industry to strategize for sectoral growth through private sector-led initiatives. Dr. Asokoro-Ogaji stated that the MMC management team is committed to giving back to the industry by assisting members in establishing linkages that will contribute to prosperity.

During the Minerals and Miners Conference (MMC) in London, the MMC initiated business talks with GSL Mineral Processing and K-Mines to explore areas of collaboration in business and technology development for the industry. Talks include open cut and underground mining system simulations, 3D modeling of mineral deposits, and tools for pit design and mine structures.

Dr. Asokoro-Ogaji expressed confidence that collaboration with GSL Mineral Processing could bring about a paradigm shift in the Nigerian mining industry. She highlighted the ongoing internship and mentorship program, launched to bridge knowledge gaps, with 642 Nigerians signing up for the initiative. Additionally, partnerships with companies like SRK are being explored for innovative solutions in a multidisciplinary approach, including reserve estimates and comprehensive exploratory process solutions.

The MMC’s annual event in London focuses on reporting key performance indicators by member companies, emphasizing tangible results, lessons learned, and the way forward. Dr. Asokoro-Ogaji concluded by stressing the need for partnerships and action to advance the mining sector in Nigeria.

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