Minister of Environment Commends Lafarge Africa’s Environmental Commitment

The Minister of Environment, Mr. Balarade Abbas Lawal, has praised Lafarge Africa Plc for its steadfast dedication to environmental sustainability. The minister extended this commendation during a courtesy visit by the company’s management team, led by the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Lolu Alade-Akinyemi, to the Minister’s office in Abuja.

Commending Lafarge Africa, Minister Lawal acknowledged the company’s consistent receipt of various awards over the years in recognition of its commitment to environmental responsibility. He characterized these accolades as a clear indication of Lafarge Africa’s environmentally friendly practices. The minister noted that Lafarge Africa’s compliance with rules and regulations made it a comfortable choice for a courtesy visit, emphasizing the company’s proactive approach to environmental responsibilities.

In addition to recognizing Lafarge Africa’s role as a key player in the cement industry, contributing significantly to the nation’s economic growth and development, Minister Lawal highlighted the environmental challenges associated with the industry. He stressed the importance of adherence to environmental regulations and urged Lafarge Africa to fully comply with specific regulations, including the National Environmental (Non-metallic minerals manufacturing industries sector) Regulations and the National Action Plan for mercury reduction in the cement sector.

The minister encouraged the adoption of modern, cleaner production techniques and energy-efficient technology, aligning with global best practices. In response, Lolu Alade-Akinyemi expressed confidence in the Minister’s leadership to drive the Ministry’s objectives.

Alade-Akinyemi emphasized Lafarge Africa’s commitment to responsible operations and environmental sustainability, citing the company’s significant role in Nigeria’s construction and infrastructure development sectors over its 60-year history. He highlighted Lafarge Africa’s eagerness to collaborate more closely with the Ministry on climate change and sustainability initiatives, recognizing the importance of collective efforts in advancing sustainable practices within the industry.

The GMD/CEO sought the Ministry’s continued support for new projects, modifications, and annual permits. He expressed Lafarge Africa’s interest in championing a ‘zero waste’ treatment solution and ending open-air burning practices. Additionally, the company proposed the implementation of an online process for project approvals and report submissions to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental footprints associated with traditional paperwork.

At the conclusion of the meeting, both parties expressed optimism about the potential for a strengthened partnership between Lafarge Africa and the Ministry of Environment.

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