Naira Faces Intense Pressure Amid Escalating Forex Scarcity

The Nigerian Naira continues to face intense pressure as citizens scramble to obtain dollars for essential expenses, such as tuition, medical care, and import bills. The exchange rate at the parallel market opened at N850 per Dollar on Monday morning, reflecting the severity of the ongoing forex scarcity. In contrast, the official market rate began at N780.96 to a Dollar, indicating a difference of 0.2%.

Notably, the “official black market rate,” reported on, showed a purchase rate of N800 per dollar and a selling rate of N850, adding to the challenges faced by the Naira.

At the Bureau De Change window, the British pound saw a significant increase, reaching N1125/£1 from its previous rate of N1090.13/£1. Similarly, the euro was sold at the rate of N976.1/€1 in the parallel market, compared to the previous day’s rate of N937.4/€1.

The inability of Nigeria’s central bank to meet the growing demand for foreign exchange in the official market has driven many towards the black market, exacerbating the currency’s challenges. This unprecedented demand has caused prices to surge, further straining the Naira’s value.

Despite efforts to unify the Naira exchange rate, the country’s foreign exchange reserves have been on a decline in recent months, reaching $33.9 billion. This figure marks the lowest level observed in two years since July-August 2021.

The stability of the Naira hinges on various factors, including the implementation of sound monetary and fiscal policies, political stability, security, and overall investor confidence in the country’s economy. As the forex scarcity persists, Nigerian authorities face a challenging task in managing the currency’s value and ensuring its stability in the ever-changing economic landscape.

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