NCC Executive Vice Chairman Recognized for Leadership in Telecom Regulation

Prof. Danbatta Honored for Leadership in Telecom Regulation and Contribution to Engineering Profession

The Executive Vice Chairman (EVC) of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, was presented with the prestigious Platinum Award by the Nigeria Academy of Engineering (NAEng) in Lagos over the weekend.

The award acknowledges Prof. Danbatta’s exceptional leadership of the nation’s telecom regulatory body, which has been recognized for its significant contributions to the development and growth of the engineering profession, playing a pivotal role in the technological and economic advancement of the country.

Expressing the academy’s appreciation, Prof. Azikiwe Onwualu, President of the NAEng, stated that the NCC was deserving of the award due to its commendable telecom regulatory practices and its commitment to promoting the field of engineering.

During the 2023 Annual Technology Dinner of the academy, the award was presented to Prof. Danbatta by Vincent Maduka, former Director General of the Nigerian Television Authority. Maduka commended Prof. Danbatta for his outstanding contributions to the sustainability of professional initiatives, as well as his instrumental role in advancing the engineering profession in Nigeria through effective regulation of the telecommunications sector.

In his acceptance speech, Prof. Danbatta, who is a renowned professor of electrical and electronics engineering and a member of the council and fellow of NAEng, expressed gratitude to the academy for recognizing the NCC’s efforts and honoring them with the award.

Prof. Danbatta dedicated the accolade to the diligent and hardworking staff of the Nigerian Communications Commission, acknowledging their unwavering commitment and support in realizing his vision to promote regulatory excellence and drive the growth of Nigeria’s digital economy.

Handing over the award at the 2023 Annual Technology Dinner of the academy, Vincent Maduka, former Director General of the Nigerian Television Authority, said: “Prof Danbatta has contributed immensely to the sustainability of all initiatives of the professional body, just as his role in the development of the engineering profession, in general, is being felt in Nigeria, through his effective regulation of the telecommunications sector.”

Highlighting the commission’s initiatives, Prof. Danbatta mentioned the youth-focused programs aimed at equipping young Nigerians with skills and tools necessary for digital inclusion, such as providing training, laptops, and internet access to empower them to develop their talents and livelihoods.

“I could not have done the good work you credited me with without the support and cooperation of NCC staff, and we are delighted that the public is watching, listening, and observing what we are doing. A testimony to this fact is the platinum category award we have just been given by the apex engineering body in the country,” the EVC stated.

Prof. Danbatta reiterated the commission’s dedication to bridging digital connectivity gaps across Nigeria and emphasized their commitment to driving the country’s socioeconomic development through technological advancements.

The Nigerian Academy of Engineering serves as a platform for experts to collaborate, leveraging their experiences and insights to contribute to public and private technical policies while striving for excellence in science, technology, and engineering.

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