NCC Warns Traders Against Selling Non-Type Approved Telecom Devices

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has issued a warning to traders and stakeholders about the potential negative consequences of selling and purchasing phones and telecommunications gadgets that are not type approved by the Commission.

The certification of telecom devices used in the telecom sector is one of the mandates of the NCC, as stipulated in the Nigerian Communications Act (2003), which places a central focus on protecting the rights and interests of consumers.

Telecom devices that are not type approved are believed to be supplied to the Nigerian market through grey sources, and their use can lead to a degradation in the quality of services on the network.

Dr. Emilia Nwokoro, Deputy Director of the Consumer Affairs Bureau, speaking on behalf of the Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, emphasized the importance of the telecom consumer outreach program called Market Conversation. The event held at the GSM Village in Abuja and aimed to sensitize stakeholders about the issue of non-type approved telecom devices and address it effectively.

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