Nigerian Minister Urges GECF Member Countries to Collaborate for Sustainable Gas Development

Ekperikpe Ekpo, the Minister of State Petroleum Resources (Gas), has called on member countries of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) to prioritize the sharing of knowledge, technology, and best practices. The aim is to accelerate the exploration of new applications for natural gas, fostering economic growth while preserving the environment. Ekpo commended the inauguration of the GECF Gas Research Institute Headquarters in Algeria during the Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting in Algiers on Friday.

Speaking at the event, Ekpo highlighted Nigeria’s commitment to harnessing its vast gas reserves for both national development and global energy contributions. He emphasized the importance of exploiting natural gas resources in a manner that benefits the people and aligns with global efforts for a more sustainable and cleaner energy landscape.

Addressing the challenges on the path to a green economy with natural gas, Ekpo stressed the need for international solidarity and strategic collaboration among gas-exporting nations. He proposed strengthening collaboration among GECF members, advocating for innovation and technology sharing.

“The future of gas lies in our ability to innovate. By embracing technology, we can reduce emissions, enhance efficiency, and unlock new applications for natural gas in the green economy,” Ekpo stated. He urged GECF members to commit to sharing knowledge and best practices, emphasizing that collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision are essential to navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in the global energy landscape.

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