Over 100 Traffic Offenders Nabbed in Abuja as FRSC Cracks Down on Reckless Driving


The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Abuja is taking a tough stance on traffic violations. In a week-long operation dubbed “Green Light Enforcement,” the agency arrested over 100 traffic offenders in the city center.

Targeting Disregard for Traffic Lights:

FCT Sector Commander, Muta’a Chorrie, highlighted the alarming disregard for traffic signals, particularly among commercial drivers. He emphasized the FRSC’s commitment to enforcing traffic laws, regardless of a driver’s status.

Combating Indiscriminate Parking:

To tackle the issue of haphazard parking by commercial vehicles, the FRSC has increased patrol patrols to better monitor road usage. They are also actively engaging with transport union leaders to address this problem across all six area councils in Abuja.

Safety Beyond Enforcement:

Commander Chorrie urged motorists to avoid vehicle overloading, emphasizing its negative impact on road safety and national image. He also advised citizens to avoid traveling in overloaded vehicles due to their handling limitations in emergencies.

Safety Tips for Rainy Season:

With the rainy season upon us, the FRSC urges drivers to maintain safe speeds and find suitable parking locations during heavy downpours.

The FRSC’s “Green Light Enforcement” operation demonstrates their commitment to creating a safer driving environment in Abuja. By cracking down on traffic violations and promoting safe driving practices, the FRSC aims to reduce accidents and improve overall road safety in the capital city.

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