Oyo State Government Seals Banks and Telecom Masts

The Oyo State Government has taken decisive action by sealing off several commercial banks and telecommunication masts across the Ibadan metropolis. This move is part of an enforcement effort led by the Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development, with Esv Olufisayo Ogunbiyi, Director of Land Use Charge, spearheading the operation.

The reason behind this enforcement action is the non-compliance of these establishments with the payment of revenue owed to the state government. Director Olufisayo Ogunbiyi stated that the affected commercial banks and telecom companies had received prior notices regarding their obligations.

He assured that once the required Land Use Charge payments are made, their premises will be reopened for business. The Oyo State Government has emphasized its zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance with its regulations, urging all business owners to ensure prompt payment of charges to the state government to prevent any disruption to their operations.

Director Ogunbiyi noted that the enforcement exercise is ongoing, reinforcing the government’s commitment to ensuring compliance with its policies. He also encouraged residents to reach out to the Ministry for inquiries, providing the contact information as follows: 0700 OYO LANDS (070069652637) or email at lands@oyostate.gov.ng.

The enforcement team comprised Land Officers and representatives from Private Networks Nigeria Ltd, serving as the IGR Consultant for the Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development.

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