Task Force Cracks Down on Filling Station Selling Fuel at N600/L, Forces Closure

Eltayon Nigeria Limited, a filling station in Ekiti State has been sealed for selling fuel at N600 per litre after Tinubu’s announcement.

Recall that following confirmation of fuel subsidy removal by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration, Eltayon Nigeria Limited increased the petrol pump price to N600 per litre.

Recalls that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on Monday, May 29, 2023, said the era of subsidy payment on fuel has ended. President Tinubu said the 2023 Budget made no provision for fuel subsidy, and subsidy payment is no longer justifiable.

“The fuel subsidy is gone,” Tinubu declared in his inaugural speech at Eagles Square on Monday after he was sworn in as Nigeria’s 16th President.

After the statement on Monday evening, long queues returned as residents buy fuel for 210/per litre against N195/per litre.

However, according to report, some filling stations in Kubwa expressway, Lugbe still sell fuel at N195/per litre.

On the other hand, in Lagos, the sharp increase in fuel pump price is almost 100 per cent as Lagosians purchase the product for N370/per litre from 180/per litre.

In Warri Delta state, the pump price had jumped to N500/per litre.

In Ekiti State, southwest Nigeria, a gas station, Eltayon Nigeria Limited, located beside Access Bank on Bank Road Ado Ekiti, increased the petrol pump price to N600 per litre.

Following a routine check by the Ekiti State Special Task Force on Petroleum Products headed by Mr. Israel Adesokan after the announcement of fuel subsidy removal by President Tinubu, Eltayon Nigeria Limited was sealed on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, for selling at N600 per litre.

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