Teach and Gig Consultancy: Streamlining Recruitment for Schools and Organizations

Onifade Olusegun Emmanuel, the founder of Teach and Gig Consultancy, has been making significant strides in the outsourcing landscape. Established three years ago, the consultancy specializes in sourcing teaching and administrative staff for private schools, as well as providing recruitment services for non-educational sector organizations.

About Teach and Gig Consultancy:
Teach and Gig Consultancy operates as a vital link between job seekers and business organizations, streamlining the initial stages of the employment process. The consultancy’s portfolio extends to sourcing and connecting qualified applicants with private schools and various organizations, offering a valuable service that alleviates the burden on Human Resources (HR) departments.

Key Services:
The core services provided by Teach and Gig Consultancy involve sourcing competent and reliable staff for its clients, thereby acting as the first layer in the employment process. By handling the initial stages of recruitment, the consultancy helps organizations in Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun, Abuja, and Cotonou find suitable candidates for their staffing needs.

In its three years of operation, Teach and Gig Consultancy has successfully assisted over 400 job seekers in securing positions with reputable schools and organizations. By offering its services online, the consultancy extends its reach beyond its physical location in Abeokuta, Ogun.

Operational Approach:
Teach and Gig Consultancy’s modus operandi involves proactive outreach and pitching to organizations following thorough due diligence. By assuming the responsibilities of the first layer in the employment process, the consultancy ensures that HR departments can focus on other crucial aspects of recruitment.

Geographical Presence:
While being based in Abeokuta, Ogun, Teach and Gig Consultancy operates predominantly online, enabling it to cater to a broader clientele. The consultancy has established successful collaborations with schools and organizations across Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun, Abuja, and Cotonou.

Future Prospects:
As Teach and Gig Consultancy continues to expand its footprint in the outsourcing arena, the consultancy remains committed to providing efficient and effective recruitment solutions. Its goal is to continue helping job seekers find suitable positions while offering organizations a streamlined and professional approach to staffing.

In a competitive job market, Teach and Gig Consultancy’s unique approach to outsourcing positions it as a key player in the recruitment landscape, contributing to the success stories of both job seekers and client organizations.

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