Transforming Lagos Mainland, Edala Homes’ Journey in Affordable Housing

In the ever evolving real estate landscape of Lagos where innovation meets excellence, Edala Homes has emerged as a transformative force, redefining the sector with a unique focus on long lease and affordable housing projects.

As they celebrate their second anniversary this September, Edala Homes stands out as a pioneering real estate company, specializing in the development and sales of long-lease properties.

Since its inception, Edala Homes has actively participated in an impressive 21 development projects, successfully delivering 10 of them.

The company has strategically concentrated its efforts in the bustling metropolis of Lagos Mainland, contributing significantly to urban development while ensuring accessibility for their esteemed clients.

One of Edala Homes’ remarkable achievements is their consistent 99% occupancy rate across all delivered projects.

This not only speaks to the quality of their developments but also underscores their dedication to providing value and satisfaction to their clients by going the extra mile.

Samuel Olatunde, Co-founder of Edala Homes, shared his perspective, saying, “We are not just about buildings; we are about creating homes and communities where people can thrive. Our focus on long lease and affordable housing projects enables us to not only provide residences but also ensure the financial feasibility and stability for our clients.

Temidayo Oloyede, the other Co-founder, further emphasized, “Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We believe in timely delivery and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Every project we undertake is a testament to this commitment.”Temidayo and Samuel, the visionaries behind Edala Homes, have instilled a unique ethos within their company.

Beyond selling properties, Edala Homes goes the extra mile to secure returns for their clients by ensuring that every property they sell is occupied. This innovative approach provides not only secure returns but also reflects their commitment to client success and satisfaction.

As Edala Homes marks its two-year milestone, their primary objective is to spread awareness about their distinctive approach and the value they bring to the real estate market. They are not just celebrating their growth; they are celebrating the trust their clients have bestowed upon them.

For potential investors and the general populace, Edala Homes is not merely a real estate company; it’s a promise of secure investments and a future where real estate transcends transactions to become a fulfilling experience.

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