Trend Micro Maintains Market Dominance in Cloud Workload Security

According to the IDC Worldwide Cloud Workload Security Market Shares report for 2022, Trend Micro Incorporated, a leading global cybersecurity provider, continues to maintain its significant lead as the largest vendor in the cloud workload security market. The report indicates that Trend Micro holds a market share more than twice that of its closest competitor.

IDC’s report sheds light on the surging demand for cloud workload security solutions, with the market experiencing substantial growth. The overall size of the market expanded by nearly 27 percent annually, reaching a value of $2.6 billion worldwide.

In a noteworthy statistic, Trend Micro’s cloud-specific revenue is predicted to surpass that of the second and third largest vendors combined. This highlights the company’s strong position and market dominance, demonstrating its ability to meet the evolving cybersecurity needs of organizations in the cloud era.

As organizations increasingly rely on cloud environments for their operations, the importance of robust cloud workload security solutions becomes paramount. Trend Micro’s continued success in this market underscores its ability to provide effective and comprehensive security measures tailored to the unique challenges and risks associated with cloud workloads.

With the IDC report validating Trend Micro’s leading position in the cloud workload security market, the company is poised to continue delivering innovative solutions and maintaining its commitment to protecting organizations’ cloud-based assets from emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

“Trend was early to spot the transformational potential in cloud and the need to secure this growing attack surface,” said Gareth Redelinghuys, Country Managing Director African Cluster at Trend.

“With a 16 per cent market share today, there’s no vendor out there that comes close to the depth of our threat intelligence and geographic diversity of our customer base. Our focus now is to give our customers what they’re increasingly demanding: a broad set of powerful cloud security capabilities delivered seamlessly to protect data no matter where it is.”

This comes at a time when cloud migration continues its exponential growth in South Africa with 69 per cnt of businesses planning to increase their cloud spending in 2023. Seven out of ten chief information and technology officers have said that public cloud applications are key to their organisation’s digital transformation strategy.

Yet as organisations migrate more of their mission-critical applications and workloads to cloud environments, they risk increased exposure to business disruption and data theft. The growing popularity of containers, and the accompanying move from monolithic to micro service architectures, is also highlighted by IDC as a fast-emerging risk factor.

In the context of this increasing complexity, Trend remains committed to its mission to offer powerful protection, detection and response for data in every environment that can be managed from a centralised platform.

Trend also recognises that cloud does not operate in a vacuum. That’s why the cloud-native Vision One platform was built to help SecOps teams prioritise threat signals, increase productivity, and take rapid action to contain threats across email.

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