Zagg Energy+Malt Sets the Stage Ablaze with Unmatched Energy at AMVCA Opening Night

Zagg Energy+Malt, took the 2023 Africa Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) opening ceremony by storm, infusing the event with its unparalleled energy and infectious vibe.

The highly anticipated AMVCA opening night, held on May 18th at the prestigious Balmoral Convention Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos, was transformed into a pulsating celebration of African creativity and talent, with Zagg Energy+Malt at the heart of it all.

As the official energy drink partner, Zagg Energy+Malt embraced the AMVCA’s mission of honoring African stories, culture, heritage, and luminous stars through a series of Afrocentric events.

The energy malt drink brand showcased its unwavering commitment to amplifying the African movie industry’s brilliance and uniqueness, captivating the audience comprising nominees, judges, industry experts, and stakeholders.

True to its promise of an exhilarating lineup, the AMVCA opening night surpassed expectations, largely due to the infusion of the distinct “Zagg kind of energy.” Zagg Energy+Malt left an indelible mark on the event, curating an immersive experience that seamlessly blended culinary delights, cultural displays, and a dazzling showcase of innovative talent.

The night unfolded with captivating music performances by renowned celebrities, propelling the atmosphere from mild anticipation to a dazzling display of glitz and glamour as Africa’s crème de la crème gracefully graced the event center.

The undying light of excitement and incredible energy brought forth by Zagg Energy+Malt illuminated the entire evening, leaving attendees in awe throughout the event.

With its electrifying presence at the AMVCA opening night, Zagg Energy+Malt has set the bar high, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what more the dynamic energy drink brand has in store.

As the AMVCA festivities continue, Zagg Energy+Malt’s contagious energy will undoubtedly continue to resonate, elevating the celebration of African creativity to new heights.

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